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I want to thank Rohan for his latest research into a very deadly trick used by the elite fraudsters to confuse and deceive the masses into forming false presumptions in relation to words uttered by so called government leaders, the judiciary and the media.

These terms are also know as "Doublespeak" when words such as "Include" can have a massive effect on a sentence if you don't comprehend the legal meaning to such a word!... "What includes excludes all else". This talk is a warning to people that some words can totally reverse the meaning of a sentence if not understood... Rohan also goes into the science behind the meaning of what a "person" really is... Thanks Rohan, Rom, (Justinian Deception)

What is a Person? the dirty tricks and doublespeak that deceives you into falling into a trap that leads you into the underworld of the assumed dead... All persons are men but not all men are persons! .... A person is the incorporated debtor of a charge... Here are some of the dirty tricks used to render the false impressions that destroys your citizenship to the land you were born on ...


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