Bill & Melinda Gates Party Guest List...WHO's on it & Why...

Bill & Melinda Gates Party Guest List...WHO's on it & Why...

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Gates Foundation Tax Return: (Click on the link within this page to download the 1,444 page PDF.

Hi everyone, this episode I thought the best way to explain the links and relationships people have to each other I have imagined Bill and Melinda sitting don writing out their Christmas guest list to a party held at their mansion. Of course, this is all fictitious speculation as it's not Christmas yet and I have really no idea who will be sitting around the table.

Having said that the possibility of certain guests being in attendance seems plausible and the reasons behind each guest will be noted. Now I know before I start it would be impossible for me to include everyone since Mr. Gates has so many friends in high places so I have chosen to pick those friends in places of a global structure who have helped make our wonderful world what it currently is and what the Christmas party-goers wish it to be...without asking them rest of humanity

Having done a lot of homework on this episode I can only describe what I have found as a global financial infestation of democracy which leads me to make a call to all governments and institutions to place a cap on those who would use the money to gain control of minds and mouths of so many people the world is currently forced to listen to while other voices are being silenced.


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