Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul [AUDIOBOOK 1972]

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul [AUDIOBOOK 1972]

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By Seth / Channelled by Jane Roberts (chapter list and times below)
Read by Tim Hart Hart. Support Tim on Patreon at

[00:00] Introduction
[29:43] Chapter 1: I Do Not Have a Physical Body, Yet I Am Writing This Book
[55:58] Chapter 2: My Present Environment, Work, and Activities
[1:22:54] Chapter 3: My Work and Those Dimensions of Reality Into Which It Takes Me
[1:52:00] Chapter 4: Reincarnational Dramas
[2:21:12] Chapter 5: How Thoughts Form Matter - Coordination Points
[2:40:03] Chapter 6: The Soul and the Nature of Its Perception
[3:09:08] Chapter 7: The Potentials of the Soul
[3:30:20] Chapter 8: Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness

Part Two

[3:50:23] Chapter 9: The "Death" Experience
[4:24:33] Chapter 10: "Death" Conditions in Life
[4:49:01] Chapter 11: After-Death Choices and the Mechanics of Transition
[5:23:24] Chapter 12: Reincarnational Relationships
[5:46:11] Chapter 13: Reincarnation, Dreams, and the Hidden Male and Female Within the Self
[6:11:44] Chapter 14: Stories of the Beginning, and the Multidimensional God
[6:29:30] Chapter 15: Reincarnational Civilizations, Probabilities, and More on the Multidimensional God
[6:52:54] Chapter 16: Probably Systems, Men, and Gods
[7:16:37] Chapter 17: Probabilities, the Nature of Good and Evil, and Religious Symbolism
[7:46:19] Chapter 18: Various Stages of Consciousness, Symbolism, and Multiple Focus
[8:15:56] Chapter 19: Alternate Presents and Multiple Focus
[8:51:51] Chapter 20: Questions and Answers
[9:33:21] Chapter 21: The Meaning of Religion
[10:10:18] Chapter 22: A Goodbye and an Introduction: Aspects of Multidimensional Personality as Viewed Through My Own Experience


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