963Hz + 432Hz 》COSMIC OASIS 》Frequency of GOD 》Thank You Universe for Everything

963Hz + 432Hz 》COSMIC OASIS 》Frequency of GOD 》Thank You Universe for Everything

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》963Hz + 432Hz
》Frequency of GOD
》Thank You Universe for Everything

Ways to Cultivate Gratitude & Boost Happiness
1. Count your blessings. Always. Keep a journal and fill with all the things the universe has blessed you with.

2. Use the right words. and this is especially important when talking to your own self. Thank the universe and thank yourself. Its an art to pull yourself up when things do not seem right, but when you use right words when talking to yourself, your thoughts will start changing, and your behaviors and ultimately your circumstances.

3. Write Thank you letters to all the people who have influenced you in a positive way and write one for the universe, for all the positive things that it has brought into your life.

Today's Music is inspired by the cosmos and the water. Based on the solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz - the frequency of God. Meditate and Smile!! and Thank the Universe for everything.

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