Dr. Andrew Moulden Tolerance Lost Volume 1 of 3 (The Problem)

Dr. Andrew Moulden Tolerance Lost Volume 1 of 3 (The Problem)

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Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular Damage
Dr. Andrew Moulden recognized that every dose of vaccine given to a person produced microvascular damage whether or not the person was aware of the damage or had debilitating symptoms at the time the vaccines were given. He courageously stepped out of the conventional box of medical diagnosis and treatment, and gave us a new way to look at modern neurodevelopmental illnesses and syndromes.
This series of articles is intended to preserve the work of Dr. Moulden, who unexpectedly died in November of 2013. I want to acknowledge the contribution of this forward-thinking pioneer who worked to explain the truth about vaccine damage. This is article two in a series of four articles about Dr. Moulden’s life work.
As a physician and PhD researcher, he raised strong public objection to vaccine use, because he could literally see evidence of vaccine damage in the expressions of the human face. Each dose of a vaccine causes tiny strokes in the brain and in other organs of the body, which bring about a wide range of unexpected health conditions.
Dr. Moulden saw that the rapid rise in modern neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s, and numerous other syndromes were actually caused by the same process. He saw the current epidemic of these modern diseases as having a single origin. The notion of single diseases with single causes had to be put aside, because that model could not adequately explain what we are facing in the world today.
How Vaccines and Toxins Producing a Syndrome of Closely Related Illnesses
Dr. Moulden understood that vaccines and toxins (in the air, in our water, in our homes, and in our food) were producing a syndrome of closely related illnesses. He said that it was time to begin thinking in terms of multiple causes for a syndrome that had multiple sets of symptoms.
Multiple factors can work together to trigger a single type of reaction in the body, which can then produce various sets of symptoms. Even though there were different sets of symptoms and different disease names given to each one, they were actually all part of a spectrum of diseases that he called Moulden Anoxia Spectrum Syndromes.
Learning disabilities, autism, Alzheimer’s, irritable bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, colitis, food allergies, shaken baby syndrome, sudden infant death, idiopathic seizure disorders, Gulf War syndrome, Gardasil adverse reactions, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, expressive aphasia, impaired speech skills, attention deficit disorders, silent ischemic strokes, blood clots, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, Parkinson’s disease, and other modern neurodevelopmental disorders are closely related in many ways, and are part of a larger syndrome.
Opposition from Allopathic Medicine
If we step out of the box of conventional germ theory in which every disease has one cause, just as Dr. Moulden did, then it is possible to begin seeing this whole set of illnesses as a single syndrome. This also means that treating the underlying cause of the entire spectrum of illnesses that make up the syndrome can be thought of in a unified manner.
Dr. Moulden was looking deeply into the causes of modern syndromes and diseases. He was developing treatments that had the potential for curing modern illnesses such as autism, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, etc.
His non-pharmaceutical cures were inexpensive. This provoked the pharmaceutical industry and the associations of allopathic physicians to react strongly against him and his research. He was seeing something important, and the dominant parts of the healthcare system did not want people to find out about it.
Zeta Potential and Colloidal Chemistry: Uncovering a Nearly Forgotten Science
Physicians no longer receive education about zeta potential and colloidal chemistry, yet it was doctors who were the main researchers in this field through the mid-1940s. This medical knowledge eventually fell through the cracks. However, with the help of Dr. Frank Hartman, Andrew Moulden was able to apply it to the understanding of vaccine damage.
In a statement made by Dr. Hartman in the Tolerance Lost video series, he explained that Zeta potential and colloidal chemistry are essential for understanding the activity of blood. Colloidal chemistry is a very well documented science, but there are very few people in this branch of science who are physicians or who are researching health.
Medical researchers could be using this science to look at the causes of illness and to find solutions that actually cure diseases. It opened the door for Dr. Moulden so that he could go beyond the use of pharmaceutical drugs for treating the symptoms of disease, and search for real cures.
This article will discuss Zeta potential and colloidal chemistry. These concepts will help us understand how vaccines cause damage.


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