Connecting Consciousness under attack

Dear Simon,

Your organization has been infiltrated. Most valuable members get thrown out, getting disconnected from your Mighty Network platform, without any notice, reason, or communication.

I am (or was, untill today) a member of CC in the Netherlands, and one day before X-mas I found this on my screen:

Connecting Consciousness kicking out members

No reason, no e-mail, no nothing! 6 days ago I did a presentation for CC members. It took me at least 90 hours of loving preparation to be able to give a mind-blowing presentation. After the presentation, there was applause and compliments. Now, why would anyone try to kick me out of CC, 6 days later? I promise Simon, you would have loved the presentation too.

Now who decided singled handed to kick out at least 4 CC members a day before X-mas? Most likely the (supposed) coordinator from the Netherlands found her ridiculous dictates and orders were ignored and not obeyed like servants are supposed to. To mention a name:

Caroline Buwalda from Groningen. As you can see, she is promoting 'Creating Consciousness' if you read fast you wouldn't notice she is not running or promoting 'Connecting Consciousness' on her Linkedin page. So she is 'double' at least, using her (look-alike) CC to catch and discourage your CC members. Ever since she has control over M.N. and before that, she has been bossing and ordering CC-members around, treating them like little children, punishing them like a bad mother would do her children, showing only "Draco-energy", lust for power, and incompetence. If you do not intervene quickly, your CC Netherlands will crumble and fall before the year (2021) is over!

Creating Consciousness Buwalda NL


This article has been posted on a trustworthy platform, the only way I know it will be out in the open even if it is unwanted.

Simon, I call upon you to intervene, or else your CC-Netherlands will be undermined by dark forces, or black hats as you call them.

(I know 3 more members, under which a coordinator has been dis-membered today, probably by the same 'dark force').

And while we are at it, another issue:

I have been listening to your latest podcast, and I have been listening to your old podcasts, featuring Charlie, Magenta, Becky, Tara, and many others. This is why I start doubting you and your guest:

  • Do you think awaken souls do not know that Virus is 'dead cell debris', or the potent juice from decomposing fallen leaves?
  • Do you think your Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians or whatever counsil or federation, would not inform you about the true meaning of Vaccine (Vacca = Cow, -Ine=Poison, so Cowpoison).
  • Why do you and your awaken friends keep calling virus a pathogen, while virus is dead cell debris, cells decompose by the billions every day in our body.
  • The pathogen is the toxins they create in laboratories and inject into the population, they are called vaccines or medicines.
  • All vaccines and medicines are toxins, they cause necrosis (and mimic and amplify the natural occuring apoptose).
  • Pharmaceut means "the maker of poison and potions".
  • You think a 3D or 5D consciousness does not know INFLUENZA means "influence from the stars"?
  • You cannot vaccinate/inject/poison the blood (with toxins) against any virus or disease, vaccination (always) causes disease or death, because they are toxic byproducts of death cell debris mixed with all kinds of spooky stuff.
  • So influenza is not a virus, for it is influence of the stars causing (periodically) apoptosis, 'falling of leaves', 'shedding of cells'.
  • The immune system does NOT have memory! So poisoning the blood is a double idiotic idea invented by an idiot Edward Jenner in 1795.
  • We can grow enzymes (if we drink alcohol for a long time f.e.), but when it is not needed anymore the enzymes get back in balance again. This is not memory, but adaption. Acute poisoning does not have this adapting effect but can cause acute trauma, acute injury or acute dead (it still is an overdose of toxins).

I could go on Simon, and I hope this article will come to your attention, cause very awaken and spiritual beings are about to 'apo-calypse' (take away the cover, reveil) the fraud within your organisation, which of course is no organisation at all, but a bunch of loving and caring people put 'in formation' by you and your friends. Since you, and all your friends, in all their wisdom keep repeating the most incorrect, fear-mongering, untrustworthy, made-up, fantasized B.S. about apoptosis, virus, vaccine, and influenza (and even the drama stories about crowded hospitals (red: Magenta Pixie's story), that is keeping the whole world in its grip for a very long time, not only this pivot point in  time, we must ignore anything you and your friends are saying, cause it has no base in truth whatsoever. You and your friends might be exposed at least as controlled opposition, if so please withdraw out of the public. Start telling the simple truth first, or stop telling any story at all. If you are a fraud, and I really hope you are not, may the creator have mercy on your soul. 

So my claim is Simon; "You and your friends are misleading the audience worldwide with an organisation that is under your control. The organisation named 'Connecting Consciousness' does not have paying members only volunteers. Your organisation's postaddress is a virtual office address in Iceland". 

Notification to Connecting Consiousness

Notification of purging

An update on 3th January 2022

Today we received to most confusing e-mail so far. Sent by Rebecca, CC to Simon, stating it is from Simon, while Simon states he does not know what this is all about ("I have no idea what you have written") cause he hasn't seen or read anything so far. But "he" (whoever is the imposter) is making sure we are threatened by his lawyer (he claims is Jake Rudman). So Simon, THE most CONSCIOUSS person on the planet is threatening before he even took a minute to read what this is all about (And that was the whole point from the beginning, Simon you are under attack, someone is reading and writing in your name, not telling you anything). So far the imposter is now exposed, Simon would never threathen up front, he would open a safe-line for communication, so he can hear what is going on in the Netherlands, cause it is all about the infiltration off the Dutch department of Connecting Consciousness under the name Creating Consciousness. Infiltrator, probably (still collecting data) Caroline Buwalda, Groningen.

Not Simon Parkes

The answer to the above e-mail finally gave us an e-mail address of Simon Parkes, without reference to CC, or Mighty Network, which has made it impossible for us to contact Simon in the first place.

Not Simon Parkes answer

Simon is either infiltrated and would threathen anyone with lawyers and lawsuits (!?, how un-consciouss would that be), or he is not fully infiltrated, but has now been made aware of possible infiltration in the Netherlands of his Connecting Consciousness organisation of volunteers, by one of his co-ordinators (at least).

January 10th, Simon; "All coordinators are under scrutiny".

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Connecting Consciousness under attack

Connecting Consciousness under attack

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