Bull-Shit & Vacc-Ine both derives from the same animal

Bullshit is SHIT from a BULL, most people can comprehend. But when it comes to vaccine, NOBODY knows! To be short, it is PUS (toxin or poison) from the COW.

Bullshit; shit from a bull

Vaccine; poison (pus) from a cow (Latin 'vacca', meaning cow, and word with the suffix '-in(e)' are often poisonous, like cocaine, medicine, toxin(e), heroin(e), etc.).

NOTE: Vaccines ARE NOT prophylactic, they can never prevent or ameliorate the effects of a future infection by a natural or wild pathogen. Wikipedia states that it can be prophylactic (like leprechauns can help you to clean your house, if you can see them and ask nicely), but it is absolute bullshit. First of all, we do not have a 'memory' cabin in our body, our immune system consists of enzymes, white (blood) cells, and germs, every battle is a battle on its own. You do not store 'reserve troops' anywhere in your body, you can only adjust the number of enzymes needed to break apart alcohol for example (you need more of the same toxin after a while, to get the same effect). After 3 months of not drinking alcohol, this surplus of enzymes has neutralized. Secondly, the idea if you inject bullshit into your body (mixed with all kinds of toxins), your body will fight the weakened bullshit, then remember the bullshit and starts to fight infection by natural bullshit, or wild bullshit making you sick. If that were true, your body would fight bullshit all year 24/7, cause we got a lot of shit in our bodies. Why do we believe this bullshit story?

The first experiment recorded; 1795 Dr. (Frankenstein) Edward Jenner, British.

The word vaccine is now only used as a tribute to Edward Jenner (he used white blood cells, pus, and not hundreds of other cells). You must be absolutely insane to pay tribute to a man that did not know the milk of mammals is 1 million times better for newborn babies than any injection with bullshit or cow poison. Not only do babies benefit, but all mammals also benefit as long as you do not pasteurize the milk (the benefits of non pasteurized milk weigh a million times higher than "dead" heated milk. You can also not kill germs by the way, so cooking does not make sense, like cooking polluted water does kind of makes sense, although you cannot cook out the toxins).

1795: Edward Jenner, noticed the milk-maids were always full of health and rarely got sick. This noob then did not see any connection between the maids drinking colostrum milk every now and then, and their health. He said it must be the 'pus' from the udder of the cow that makes them healthy, never having dis-ease. He experimented with white blood cells (the pus taken from an infected utter of a cow), injecting that into little children. The idea was, it would prevent smallpox.... and it remained a proven wrong killer idea, poisoning people has never prevented any disease. From 1795 on toxicating people by injecting them with "cow-poisons" although some used the idea to broaden experiments by using all kinds of cells (not only white blood cells, pus) from all kinds of animals and even fetal tissue, gained a foothold.

Now, I hope this will shatter your belief system they have been working on ever since 1795; PUS and VIRUS are the same, all that is not PUS (white blood cell debris seeking its way out of the body because it cannot get rid of toxins quicker than that) is VIRUS! Virus is dead cell debris. 

Black Bull Cow in meadow

Real Bullshit

Some bullshit, never been translated in 'excreta tauri' or 'excretauri' and than injected into your body is it?

They can make you believe bullshit is causing climate change, or bees disappear.


Cowpus or Vaccine

Some cowpoison, translated into 'vaccine'.

(This is what Edward Jenner used to inject into children...... most of them died). From there it got really spooky, milk was discredited, and most criminal toxification (extermination) programs were rolled out. All major outbreaks (with -virus- in the name) are man made! Man made 'dead cell debris' called virus/vaccine, is always patented, so not found in nature! You still think there ever was a witchvirus too, or do you think it's possible to manipulate and control our minds and behaviour? Then, but especially now!


When cells die, and 50 million die every day, just to make room for new cells, the natural way is called apoptosis (the falling of leaves, seasonal, under the influence of the stars, seasons).


When braindead Frankensteins try to mimic nature they use a variety of cell lines and do what pharmacists do ('pharma-ceut'; meaning maker of poison and potions), they kill cells (and additives) in a petri-dish and after a while, they cry EUREKA, they found the cells died, spit out their contents, and a new VIRUS is born (of course, we know now it means, dead cell debris, a pile of organic garbage mixed with toxins). This toxic mix is then collected and put in a freezer (sometimes for 67 years like the (1947) patented Zika garbage mix (virus) created in a lab from a deep freeze monkey kidney out of Uganda) and when it is time to make money, they first gonna inject that garbage toxin mix into to bodies and veins of human beings or animals, experimenting just like Monsanto ~> BASF is doing with all our plants (food).

Every 'virus outbreak', is preceded by injecting THEIR toxic waste products first!

This simply means the 'toxic dead cell debris' is carried and 'injected' by the most ignorant, malignant, stupid, braindead, corrupt, psychopathic, misanthropic human beings on earth! To cover up their out of control experiments, they sometimes blame the origin or carrier of a virus on: mosquitos, chicken, monkeys, lama's, sheep, goats, rats, pigs, bats, or genetic human deficiency. Now the secret is that you can order any cell line from any animal or human fetus to experiment in a lab and create your own billion dollar virus/vaccine combi shooter/swab/test/injection package, as long as you share it with top criminals who are not selling illegal drugs anymore, but legalized poison drugs, 76 varieties and counting..... You have to name your invention after the animal-freeze-dried-cell line you have purchased, that's about it. And don't forget to keep your mouth shut, or you will be suicided. A scary business which does not reflect any moral, ethics, or awareness of a greater purpose in life then the pursuit of money. You could call these malignent misanthropes the 'black holes' of humanity. Everyone who stops radiating, will gravitate into their abyss. You might earn a billion dollar here in decadence, have a good life on the expense of millions of others, but every soul you have deliberately abused, will cost you millions of years in the dark, perhaps eternal darkness.

Eternal Darkness


Money and depopulation (Eugenics).

The misanthrope billionares earn their money by genocide, homicide, murder, torture, rape, fearmongering any human being they can lay their hands on. The fun part is; they will be murdered themselves by their masters who will finally try to take control of this planet. These misanthropes have maneuvered themselves into dire straits, no human will be able to forgive them, no dark master allows any other master, whether human, humanoid, or transhuman!

Call it what it is, not what 'they' say it is.....

So please next time, call cow-poison (vaccine) cow poison, or toxic injection with no other intent to kill or experiment.

Take back your freedom, ignore those who believe virus and bullshit are very different, it is not. The virus travels by syringe and those who inject it into your body, any outbreak that needs any bullshit, is a hoax organized by those who manufactured the bullshit. We need to stop taking toxic killer- or experimental injections, they do not prevent OR cure ANYTHING.

Next time...

Next time when someone forces others to put cow poison into their (holy) body, Maybe you should 'vaccinate' all of their plants and vegetables in their garden with the same poison they try to force upon others. Maybe when plants and trees in their own garden start to die suddenly they will be ashamed for the rest of their lives for the stupidity, ignorance, and inhuman behavior they have exhibited. When people start to co-operate with the 'malignant' puppet masters, maybe it's time to refuse a little smarter. Maybe you should hand them over all your medicine, toxins, and coupons for injections for free and leave them to experiment with themselves in the time they have left.

Do not use 'their' words, oneliners, or language.

Stick to your own narrative and truth! Do not fight stupidity or hollow phrases. Do not ask stupid questions, like "is Q-code discriminating"? People who keep asking these stupid questions are the NEW MSM, they avoid the truth and so they might be opposing, but they restrict themselves which means they are, without realizing themselves, controlled opposition. Look, a bar-code is not and can never be discriminating (or discriminated), even the yellow star (of David) during the war on itself cannot be discriminating, only people can force behavior or force use of symbols. Even the colors 'yellow', 'red', and 'blue' once were used to distinguish upper and lower classes. Does that make it right to ask if colors are discriminating, or do we question the sick minds behind the power and control of permitting or prohibiting the freedom to use any color you like? If you are unaware you start co-operating by acknowledging the meaning the oppressor gave to symbolism. It is the brain-dead, ignorant people (a majority most of the time) who voluntarily apply to be part of a society where new symbols have or will take every last bit of freedom. It is not the Q-code that is dangerous, the people who use it to limit your freedom are more than dangerous. Be aware!

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Nikon de Meganoite, 26 october 2021

Bull-Shit & Vacc-Ine both derives from the same animal

Bull-Shit & Vacc-Ine both derives from the same animal

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