The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Heaven & More | FULL AUDIOBOOK 🎧 📖

The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Heaven & More | FULL AUDIOBOOK 🎧 📖

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The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience and Transcendence

By: Amit Goswami, Joseph Selbie
Narrated by: Sean Runnette

Setting aside the pervasive material bias of science and lifting the obscuring fog of religious sectarianism reveals a surprisingly clear unity of science and religion. The explanations of transcendent phenomena given by saints, sages, and near-death experiencers are fully congruent with scientific discoveries in the fields of relativity, quantum physics, medicine, M-theory, neuroscience, and quantum biology.
The Physics of God describes the intersections of science and religion with colorful, easy-to-understand metaphors, making abstruse subjects within both science and religion easily accessible to the layman-no math, no dogma.

This intriguing book:
– Pulls back the curtain on the light-show illusion we call matter.
– Reveals the scientific secret of life and immortality: quantum biology's startling discovery that the human body is continuously entangled.
– Demonstrates the miracle-making power of our minds to effect instantaneous physiological changes.
– Explains how the intelligent observer effect confirms our high spiritual potential.

Chapters and Timestamps
Introduction : 00:00​
Foreword by Amit Goswami 00:19​
Introduction : 07:28​
Chapter 1: The Religion of Science 16:29​
Chapter 2: The Science of Religion 50:01​
Chapter 3: The Light-Show Illusion of Matter 1:31:32
Chapter 4: The Energy-verse and the Heavens 1:55:09
Chapter 5: Heaven Is a Hologram 2:32:03​
Chapter 6: Our Simultaneous Existence in Two Interpenetrating Realms 3:12:51​
Chapter 7: The Intelligently Guided Cosmic Movie 4:07:36​
Chapter 8: "Ye Are Gods” 4:50:43​
Chapter 9: The Physics of God: A Summary 5:23:47​

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