The most zipped knowledge ever

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Behavioural Science, History, Anthropology, Geology, Health Science and Mathematics are communicating vessels of one phenomenon.


Behavioural Science holds Economy, Psychology, Law, Politicology, etcetera, where Psychiatry is the overlap between Behavioural Science and Health Science (reduced to knowledge of medicine the last two centuries).

In my model, Astrology and Astronomy are covered by Chemistry, Physics, History, Behavioural Science, Geology, History, Anthropology and Mathematics. Health Science does not fit in anymore, for they have hijacked “influence” from the stars and seasons, to be “flu”, an imaginary invisible particle that does exist outside our body, and can be created in a laboratory also, to destroy this imaginary invisible killer (virus).

All Science except Health Science and Behavioural Science, know and can prove influence from the “Universe”, that cannot be controlled by humans, living in a particulate scale of frequency, which is less than 0,00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of reality!

Let's say up-and-down, from our point of (limited) view we miss 10^36 up and 10^36 down, we only know 3 of the 10^72 (6 x 12) layers of existence. It seems we are in the middle of something, but that could be vanity.

Our pathetic universal views are pathetic because they only prove vanity and fear of the unknown.

Frequency Scale


If I would unleash my extra powers, which means powers gained by silence, and observation, I would not make myself popular. Not that I ever was popular, but humans have a tendency to ignore and remain innocent.

2021, I am trying to understand why everybody seems to speak some foreign language. Why is it sudden A VIRUS, instead of VIRUS, why do people never say A PUS, for Virus and Pus are only different dead cell debris?

The dead cell debris, sometimes including white cells, is called Virus. If it is not called Virus, it is called Pus, white blood cells, Abces, Ulcer, same as Virus.


Vaccines are dead cell debris created in a Petri-dish. So Vaccines can never ever prevent dis-ease, for when dead cell debris is dead cell debris it is already dead cell debris (called virus) there is absolutly no way you can ment dead cell debris and it is the most stupid criminal idea to try and repair or prevent dead cell debris by dead cell debris made in a laboratory!


healthy human cells before killed

Point is: PUS and VIRUS do not float in air! They are dead cell debris.


most bacteries are good!



All science combined has less than 1% of universal knowledge, and that 1% is at least 80% wrong. Science is always looking for formulas, paradigmas, theories and dogmas, while in the universe nothing ever is the same for 1 second. Everything changes always. To find the truth of the universe you only need to find the frequency (period) of things and whether the wave is radiating or gravitating relative to its source. Its source is always a combination of other frequencies all with their own state of existence, meaning their own frequency (period) and radiational or gravitational wave.


Frequency, Period, Chord, Harmony and Symphony


To zip it again: life is a symphony, and so you wish, your God is the director.




Keep in mind, even God is a concept and since everything in the Universe changes a millions of times every split second, God, or the Gods, are the most misrepresented concepts on this planet!

Try to understand, if you believe God created all, and all is always changing, there is no status quo in the universe, then the creator can never be steady, or for one second be the same as it was before. We are unable to know the creator if we try to capture an image of God one second ago, for that image has already changed. We can try and describe images of God, but again you need a planet filled with only books to keep up with the description or depiction of God.


So how can we know God?

The answer lies within everything that is created, and everything that was and will be created. Since we are part of creation, and some will deny that, which is o.k. because that is also part of creators intention, to deny itself, we have to pay more attention to what the creator created and less attention to what we created.


Science and religion try to prevent that! Dogma’s, paradigms and theories is all I have to say about that. 


What did the creator create?

Don’t go running outside, for you are part of creation. The fact that you are playing along in the 21th symphony, directed by the creator, hijacked by some really clueless people, makes it your symphony too. The hijackers try to disharmonise all the “members of the orchestra”, so they get out of tune and get kicked out of the orchestra.

If you let yourself lead by the hijackers, and deny your own capacities, intuition and resistance, you will disintegrate, no longer be part of the symphony.


You will no longer be part of the orchestra, but don’t worry, you will never ever get lost in space. Your energy, your soul, your consciousness will resonate with other frequencies and create new “worlds” on other frequency levels. You either radiate or gravitate, radiation means you are on adventure, and gravitation means you are going home.


Everything we do has meaning and consequence. It does not matter. This means matter is a concept, it does not exist. We think of matter as steady forever, but there is no such thing as steady forever. Everything is radiating or gravitating, and this process depends on energy, amplitude of the wave, or radius, frequency and period. It also depends on interaction with other waves and frequencies.


You see I have avoided mentioning time, for time is another concept. Only used on this planet. The problem of this planet is, we keep trying to prove concepts that aren’t universal truth. We spent 99,99% of our time (concept) proving 99,99% (concept) bullshit! It is a miracle why we are still populating this planet called Gaia. The creator must have a sense of humor, and that is the only thing I cannot laugh about, yet.


Yes, the answer to all your questions, start creating yourself!


Author: Nikon de Meganoite - 2021

The most zipped knowledge ever

The most zipped knowledge ever

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