99% do not know what virus is!

Let's start at the beginning, did we invent "virus" around 1790, or was the word "virus" already in use?

Etymology, from the Etymology Dictionary (read carefully, take your time to realize)

virus (n.)

late 14c., "poisonous substance" (red: substance, not imaginairy invisible airborne particles, unicorns or lepracons!), from Latin virus "poison, sap of plants, slimy liquid, a potent juice", from Proto-Italic *weis-o-(s-) "poison," which is probably from a PIE root *ueis-, perhaps originally meaning "to melt away, to flow," used of foul or malodorous fluids, but with specialization in some languages to "poisonous fluid" (source also of Sanskrit visam "venom, poison," visah "poisonous;" Avestan vish- "poison;" Latin viscum "sticky substance, birdlime;" Greek ios "poison," ixos "mistletoe, birdlime;" Old Church Slavonic višnja "cherry;" Old Irish fi "poison;" Welsh gwy "poison").

The meaning "agent that causes infectious disease" emerged by 1790s gradually out of the earlier use in reference to venereal disease (by 1728); the modern scientific use dates to the 1880s. The computer sense is from 1972.

VIRUS (among Physicians) a kind of watery stinking Matter, which issues out of Ulcers, being endued with eating and malignant Qualities. [Bailey's dictionary, 1770]

Well the word virus is at least 2500 years old, and we can see never ever was there a virus in the air, invisible, tiny particles or whatever. Virus is and always have been a "slimy liquid", a potent juice, poison (we come back to that later as we talk about vaccines, which are virus created in a petri-dish).

Virus is there, thousands of year ago they could see it and in fact, we still can see it cause it is slimy liquid or potent juice. Virus IS NOT invisible, VIRUS IS A CONSEQUENCE of something NOT A CAUSE!

What did they mean by slimy liquid, sap of plants but poisonous?

Well images say it all:

rotting fruit picture 1 rotting fruit picture 2 rotting fruit picture 3 rotting fruit picture 4
rotting fruit picture 5 rotting fruit picture 6 rotting fruit picture 7 rotting fruit picture 8
rotting fruit picture 9 rotting fruit picture 10 rotting fruit picture 11 rotting fruit picture 12


The process of all materials decomposing is called rotting, or rusting (oxidation). All materials have their own life cycle, all materials "decompose" in their own time. Decomposing organic materials break up into "organic debris" and are transformed into all kinds of new materials, helped by bacteria and fungi. Pay close attention! NOT the bacteria, NOT the fungi make the organic cells start to "rot", it is either time for the cells "to go" and make room for new cells later on (f.e. falling of leaves from trees), or the cells have been toxicated by all kinds of intoxicating (or poisonous) materials MADE MOSTLY by the FOOD-, DRUGS-, PHARMACEUTICAL, or OIL INDUSTRY!

Please get that into your head, ever since let's say 1790, with top criminals like doctor (smallpox) Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur (virus is cause..) and Robert Koch (bacteria are causing disease), they have hijacked all natural, periodical, normal, processes out of creators creation and took all truth out of healthcare and transformed everything into a sickening billion dollar criminal organisation with the four above mentioned industries as the front layer for the - absolute beyond criminal - financial industry in the middle.

Back to virus, virus is not the healthy cell, virus is not the bacteria, not the fungi, virus is formed when cells die and they release their cell content, they release debris. This DEBRIS IS the VIRUS. You cannot stop the rotting process of cells that are starting to die, so YOU CANNOT VACCINATE AGAINST CELL DEBRIS (virus). Moreover the word vaccine means cow-poison, and poison is what it is, cause the sick mind of Edward Jenner thought that when you inject "cell debris of cows, rotting cells, virus" into human, human would not get smallpox, well most children died in this experiment. 

Can I be like Edward Jenner, can I make cow-poison, create virus? Yes you can, take a piece of meat, put it in the sun for a week, let it rot.... now find de sap, the poisonous debris of the rotting meat cells, you got yourself some anthrax my dear ladies and gentlemen!

rotting or decomposing meat You think this is to sick for words? Well this is how they do it! See, normal cells in your body that die and turn into cell debris get cleaned up by bacteria, but ever since we fight bacteria like they are our enemies, more and more people cannot get rid of their own toxines and get all kinds of diseases, or even die. Vaccines are made of rotting toxified cells in a petri-dish, so vaccines are in fact the same as virus, dead cell debris. But since they use all kinds of foreign cells to start the process of rotting in a petri-dish and creating a "new virus?", they invent all kinds of names, for the same poisonous soup they have just created. I repeat: "THERE IS AND NEVER WILL BE A VACCINE THAT WILL PREVENT OR CURE DISEASE, YOU ARE A ABSOLUTE NITWIT IF YOU LET THEM POISON YOU BY ANY POISONOUS GARBAGE THEY COME UP WITH". VACCINES ARE THE CAUSE OF 99% of ALL AUTO-IMMUNE DIS-EASES (AND MANY DEATHS), since 99% does not know what virus is, these numbers have a strong correlation and maybe ignorance is the most deadly disease of modern times. Iatrogenic disease and deaths (caused by medical treatment) is becoming number 1 cause of death and disease. The campagne to kill humanity seems to get noticed lately, while it has been going on for a least 2 centuries!


People say that they are waking up! But I hate to be a party pooper, since 99% still doesn't know what VIRUS IS, was and will always be, nobody can claim to be awake! Even the people I admire and respect are babbling about "cures for virus" like a virus is flying around in the air. Again: THERE IS NO CURE FOR VIRUS, for virus is dead cell debris, what are you going to do, take the debris and glue it into cells again, like glueing thousand pieces of broken glass into a vase again? VACCINE = VIRUS from a petri-dish, that is why ALL VACCINES AND VIRUS ARE PATENTED! They are all made and invented by human and sold with a lie to us, they who lost all contact with our source.

example patent on zica virus


What is happening on the planet right now is a long expected clash of duality in the broadest sense. And if the planet is transforming, everything on (and in) it is changing. It has already been decided what the outcome will be, a world we cannot imagine as prisoners in a relative heavy density. I try to explain, outside our planet we cannot be heard, for in space our sound has no known effect. If you want to call your friends its better to do it in open air than from under water. Well we have been living under water as a matter of speaking and we are about to enter a new density we cannot imagine, so light it will feel like dreams are real and reality is everything you can imagine, instantly. Before we can enter this new density, this higher vibration, we all need to get our minds set to a new adventure and leave all of the old world behind. Yes family and friends, everything, everybody is going alone, without any detachments to old values. Those who doubt, remain obstructive, try to stop and prevent others from leaping over, will not be granted enterance, not even with a thousand passes for a thousands ridicule causes. Those who are preparing to travel to the new world must be warned of the lower forth density. While the lower forth is now taking over our thirth density world, they will act as obstructors, cause doubts, try and prevent travellers from travelling to a new density. It is all very confusing, that is why it is a solo undertaking, just like "dying", and not a collective transformation, although everyone is invited! Those who reach the fifth density wil have no attachements with the old world, which will slowly turn into a living hell as to wake up those who still have doubts. Finally the thirth density will collapse into itself, implode if you like, taking the lower densities along, lower forth will no longer exist and all life and lifeforms will loose their chains and start creating inspired by universal knowledge only. What will happen to those who remained in 3D, I don't know. I do know this graduation process is like cells developing and all the rest is like cells dying and turning into virus, giving birth to new life. A caterpillar turning into a butterfly maybe, only this butterfly is there to stay.



Back to virus, and vaccines. As I wrote earlier, everything has its own cycle, its own period of existing and insisting. Our creator did not make one mistake, everything is periodically informing and deforming. Our creator does not misinform for misinformation does not create anything. The criminals who have been misinforming the world for a very long time have also been creating false believes. I cannot describe the evil forces behind some very disgusting entities on this planet. But I know evil is opposite of good and would not exist if we all were ready. O.k. vaccination is injecting toxins into a living body (the cells). The word vaccination (poisoning with cow cells) needs to be replaced by "toxification by injection" (slow death by needle, murder by ignorance). I explained vaccines are made in the laboratories. They kill all kinds of cells with all kinds of toxins and wait for the cell debris, they isolate the cell debris and give it a fancy name. After cow came; chicken, pig, goat, monkey, rat, bat, duck, human embryo kidney, etc.. What they did not tell you, most outbreaks of diseases started after they started their campagne to toxicate (no not vaccinate). You tell me what toxine (vaccin) was supposed to prevent what disease, and I tell you when it was patented! NO EXECPTIONS, most natural diseases are seasonal, caused by stress, or caused by toxins (alcohol, refined sugar or fructose would be good examples).

Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 1 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 2 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 3 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 4
Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 5 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 6 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 7 Seasonal falling of leaves like our cells example 8

Seasonal falling of leaves, process of detoxification, hibernation, started "under the influence of the stars" (influenza), so influenza is also not (a) virus, but influeza is the creators build in period for every living and dying of cells on the planet.


Immune System

Most people are led to believe that our immune system has memory. This is also where the whole (false) idea of toxification (vaccination) is rooted. Two falacies:

1) By injecting toxins in whatever "weakend" form, you can never prevent nor cure any disease. The toxins that remain in the body and cannot be excreted will either be encapsuled by liposomes and remain there until your body decides it's time to feed itself by stored energy in the fat, thus releasing the toxins again, be careful when you start a new diet, or will end up somewhere in your intestins, organs, blood, glands, or brain. Most modern (auto-immune) diseases are caused by toxine-injections (vaccination)!

2) The body does not have a memory! Every attack by toxins is handled the same way, there is no memory, or a little box with anti-virus (whatever it means) that will open as soon as the body recognizes the toxins entering your body this time. So ALL VACCINES ARE BULLSHIT, and your body handles bullshit until it's to much and can't handle it anymore!

alcohol and sugar fattens the body

The so called "training" of the body is solely a matter of inducing the formation of enzymes. If someone drinks alcohol every day, for example, eventually the body will break up the alcohol faster, for it will have more enzymes to do the job. Although an alcoholic can break the alcohol must faster because of the enzymes, he will die eventually because of the large amount of build up of toxic residu in the body. Probably the liver, our toxic decomposing and excreting factory, will stop functioning. The amount of enzymes will drop to normal levels after a few months of not drinking alcohol, so in fact there is no memory here either, just adaption and adjusting.


  • Virus is dead cell debris. Vaccines are dead cell debris created outside the body, in a petri-dish.
  • You cannot prevent virus, it is already dead cell debris
  • Vaccines, dead cell debris from a petri-dish, can never prevent or cure any dis-ease
  • You cannot catch a virus, nor are they contagious, even mucus from sneezing cannot spread a disease
  • Infectious and contagious are two different things
  • Most healthy people go through seasonal detoxification processes every now and than, like trees and falling leaves.
  • Stop thinking and talking about cures for virus, or some vaccines are safe, there is no cure for virus and all vaccines are toxic, deadly, or more!
  • Flu, derives from influenza, seasonal things that happen under the influence of the stars... our creator's hands.
  • Most spanish flu death (1919) were vaccinated before they got sick, forced to wear masks, most people died of pneumonia, a bacterial infection (meaning they were killed by injection or self toxification by breathing in and out their own toxic waste in the breath).

spanish flu wearing mask 1919


"I already put my money where my mouth is. I ask of some of the humans I respect most to do the same. When I offer you truth, needed explanation, vision, that is not yours, maybe it is not me but you who has gone astray. Judging is not up to me, my heart is filled with sorrow for over fifty years now, but still beating strong. I need some acknowledgement. And I will never forget those who denied me over and over again. For me 3D is over, there is nothing left here that even makes me smile, the love, all the love has gone. Maybe my time has come to decompose, form virus and decide to never come back again. One foot is in 5D, and most of my contacts are already erased, not from my heart but from everything else. I am ready to make the jump and I know it is a solo undertaking, and so it feels and have felt as long as I lived. I will leave no solid memory, I was never here. Even I do not know who I am!".

Written by: Nikon de Meganoite - 2021

99% do not know what virus is!

99% do not know what virus is!

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