Resonance Academy - Exploring Unified Science - Week 3: Modern Physics

Resonance Academy - Exploring Unified Science - Week 3: Modern Physics

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4 months
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Resonance Academy faculty members, Nassim Haramein, William Brown and Marshall Lefferts discussing Module 3 of the Resonance Academy's free Unified Science course.

Join physicist Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Academy faculty including Dr. Olivier Alirol, Marshall Lefferts, William Brown and Jamie Janover with participants from more than 80 countries.

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This in-depth online exploration covers the fundamentals for unified science including:

- Core concepts of physics
- Unified field theory
- The holographic principle
- The underlying geometry of spacetime itself
- Current and emerging views in modern physics
- The historical roots of modern physics
- Science pioneers such as Einstein, Fuller, Tesla & Planck
- Nassim Haramein’s scientific journey of discovery
- The shift in worldview that Unified Physics brings
- Consciousness studies
- Ancient civilizations & humanity's origins
- Future technological innovations
- Practical applications of unified physics in your daily life

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