Truth about vaccines and viruses

Some examples of well-meant remarks about virus or vaccines:


A-symptomatic people do not spread the virus Nobody spreads a virus, a virus is dead cell debris
People die of covid-19 When people die, their cells decompose into dead cell debris, they call it (a) virus (latin for: smudge of dying cells)
The virus was made in a lab You can kill all kinds of cells (monkey, human embryonic) in a Petri dish, by starving them or by toxification, the dead cell debris they call virus (latin for: smudge of dying cells)
The virus came from a bat You can use bat cells, put them in a Petri dish, starve the cells, poison them and call the dead cell debris a bat virus (smudge from dying (bat) cells)
Vaccines can prevent the spreading of the disease  Vaccines are made in a lab, they take living cells starve them, poison them, the dead cell debris is now called a vaccine
Wear a mask to prevent spreading Dead cell debris does not spread and is not contagious, you cannot catch a "virus"
Keep your distance or you catch a virus Dead cell debris does not spread and is not contagious, even sneezing mucus can be disgusting but is harmless.
Children do not catch the virus Nobody catches a virus, they are dead cell debris, cells can die of toxemia (Necrose: cause of all diseases), or periodically (Apoptose: like leaves falling from a tree, under seasonal influence = flu)
Stay at home, we must have a lockdown A lack of fresh air and sunlight can cause toxification of the body, whoever invented lockdown must be a fan of the Nazi's
The vaccinated are dying of covid-19 All vaccines are toxic, poisonous and cause cells (and finally organisms like animals & humans) to die, the dead cell debris is called a virus, in this year covid-19 seems to be the only name they can come up with. Some vaccines are salines (salt and water), they do not cause death, or dis-ease like all other vaccines do.
The PCR-test is not measuring covid-19 The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) can find pieces of DNA in the dead cell debris, you can always find pieces of DNA in dead cell debris, to call it covid-19 (virus) is absolute criminal, for THEY HAVE MADE THE WHOLE WORLD BELIEVE VIRUSES CAN CAUSE DIS-EASE, WHILE VIRUSES ARE DEAD CELL DEBRIS AND ARE A CONSEQUENCE OF TOXEMIA, OR PERIODICAL SHEDDING AND DYING OF CELLS, LIKE TREES SHED THEIR LEAVES IN AUTUMN. Not all trees shed their leaves, not all people shed their cells (in what we call flu season, flu, from influenza, "on notion of astral, occult, or atmospheric influence!" Or "influence of the stars!", this later falsely became caused by a virus! While we know now dead cell debris (virus) is a consequence of flu).


If healthy people get sick after vaccination (all diseases you wouldn't expect by healthy people or young people), than they are 99,99% likely to have been caused by vaccination. Vaccines contain toxins and are poisonous to the body. Read the list of side effects, you gonna get at least one, if not injected by saline (salt water solution, so not everybody dies right after injection, plus in every experiment there must be a blind control group). I am 100% sure, the 50 million vaccinated and masked death in 1919 were just a rehearsal. For flu and virus, even if you call it Spanish both were not the cause of young people dying, for we know flu means "influence" and virus is a consequence of something. Seasons cause Apoptose, but we know this was Necrose after mass vaccination and masking of the population. Even the war 1914-1918 could have contributed to higher stress levels, but the Spanish Hoax came after WW I, and right after a massive vaccination program in 1919 people started dying (later they admitted, most people died of bacterial infection, yes wearing masks and breathing their own toxic waste in their own breath, you can ask Fauci, he wrote a paper about it).

Vaccines are toxines any kid can tell you they don't prevent anything

HOW DO WE KNOW ALL VIRUSSES ARE MAN MADE? Because you cannot patent a natural occuring phenomenon, all virusses & vaccines are patended, man made!

An example patent 1947 Zica Virus

example of Zika virus patent by Rockefeller Foundation 1947! - source, cells used in petri dish to create dead cell debris, blood of Rhesus Monkey from Uganda freeze-dried. Imagine trademark and registered - 2016: a panic in Brazil over Zika outbreak (it was all after they injected their toxines, it was ment to kill not to mutilate babies). Read the "fake news" article: Pubmed This was one of the many criminal's preludes! VIRUS IS BIG BUSINESS: YOU WANNA START YOUR OWN VIRUSCREATION, HERE YOU CAN FIND A RANDOM LIST; THE PRICE OF ANIMAL (freeze-dried) VIRUSCELLS. What don't you understand, these toxins are kept frozen for a reason, minus 70 degrees Celcius. The moment they come into contact with warm air, they start rotting further. Did you, just for fun, ever try to freeze-dry rotten meat (leave it in the sun for a week), ask for a patent, call the virus "mot-in-l1" source: pig, lamb, or cow ribsteakcells, than three years later you get it out of your freezer, let it defrost, cetrifuge a bit, extract some of the smudge, put it in a syringe and inject that into your mother in law, three years later, to prevent your m.i.l. getting the disease caused by mot-in-l1 virus! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS, THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT. You would be going to jail for the rest of your life, cause your mother in law started foaming after 2 hours, and 2 days later she died of an unknown Dis-Ease (Toxemia of the brain, nerves, kidneys, heart or lungs). You did that, but you don't wanna go to jail, so you keep it a secret, and from now on you call yourself Mr. Fauci jr. and now you are mine. Cause I know what you have done, so from now on I can blackmail you, threaten you to tell everybody you murdered your mother in law. In this case it was by accident, no less, you kept it a secret, in the real world they are poisoning the population on purpose, there is no money in healthy human beings, and when they become obsolete, well just kill them and steal their pension money and every thing they own. You still think it's funny what's going on? They start sending killerbuses at schools, so the junky-dealer we scared away many years ago is now replaced by the official dealer. The states as Don Criminales and the U.N. as "capo de tutti capi". They took all criminal enterprises into their own hands. They are the criminals.

With the covid hoax, the "vaccines" were made even before they patented the so called "Sars-Cov2" dead cell debris (wich does not cause flu or covid-19, but will cause your cells to die when injected) (fraudulus and criminal). From now on we call them "toxines" cause vaccine is constructed out of "vacca" (cow) and "ine" (poison), so "cow-poison" doesn't quite cover the whole range of animals and human embryo's cells they use as their raw material for creating all kinds of colorfull dead cell debris.

Most diseases are caused by criminals, they have taken the natural periodically dying of cells we call flu (influenza, atmospheric cause, not contagious) as cover up for their malicious 79 varieties of toxines; previous to every "outbreak of a new disease" there has always been a (new) toxination (vaccination) program. Ebola, Zica, AIDS, Covid-19, auto immune diseases, myocarditis (in young people), etc. etc., 99% has been planned and carefully executed, again by the most viscious, atrocious criminals on the planet. If the pharmaceutical industry would STOP making and prescribing medicines and toxines today, and if our food and air would be left alone, we probably would see people getting healtier than they have ever been, within ten years. You can however, not detox the body by using medicines or toxines! The secret has always been nutricious foods, clean water, exercise and love. Do not live in fear, for fear causes stress and stress causes toxemia. WE DO NOT NEED INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS THAT CAUSES OUR BODY AND MIND TO GET POISONED OR FILLED WITH TOXINS.

We call knowingly injecting people with poisonous brews causing them to get sick or even die, homicide, murder in the frist degree. We call murdering people to depopulate the planet and making a few bucks on the side, genocide. We call people who support the lies, or cover up the truth, accessories.

Dr. Mengele was not the only health criminal

Does anyone notice that this a typical (create) PROBLEM - (hype a) REACTION - (offer) SOLUTION strategy David Icke told us about. It's like the garage owners are secretly putting sugar in fuel tanks of cars, suddenly many cars start to act strange, the engines starts to malfunction, and it is said that's because of polluted air in the city and these garage owners start selling you super air-filters for your engine and to prevent this from happening again you also must use their special anti-polluted air petrol. Last year you didn't even know there was anti-polluted air petrol, but now you seem to know it all.

Bill Gates Misanthrope and dangerous, genocidal

In this case the problem was; not many people took Fauci's flu-shots, influenza didn't scare people enough, bad for business. Needless to say these influenza shots were used to pre-toxicate the onces that took it. The criminal minds needed a killer-flu, or use flu but pretend it is supernew with claws and teeth and can now kill you with one bite! Make people shiver and take cover in their homes, terrorize them with fearmongering about the most deadliest among deadliest influenzas ever. Be fast, make haste, cause people are smart, it must all be done within 2 years. We never had a problem with the flu, we didn't really know what it was, but we knew most of the time it was seasonal. Some never got the flu, some twice a year, and sometimes people who also had severe other diseases did not survive with the flu. The flu however did not cause (mostly old) people to die, it was the last drop, the body was already weakened by Toxemia, caused by all kinds of other dis-eases, radiation and even use of medicines (meaning poisons) made by the pharmaceutical industry (meaning the industry that makes poison and potions). So they came up with a whole new plan, it took several years to put everything in position, people, media, CEO's, WHO, U.N., gouvernments and politicians bribed, or threatened and of course the most important of all, make sure you control the narrative. So buy, kill, threaten or blackmail all opponents. Buy groups who can help you divert from the Truth by causing more mahem, in a world full of mahem. In fact you control the reaction, since you have been buying and instructing the media for many years. Block millions of truth tellers and bright minds on social-media, call every sane man or woman, a conspiracy theorist, yes even terrorist, throw people in jail, make justice a lie. The SOLUTION, you are not going to believe this, is called entlosung, the final solution, it is nazism in optima forma. In march 2020 world war III started!

John F. Kennedy probably murdered for warning humanityThe most Satanic person on this planet Henry Kissinger

The solution is vaccine (cow poison) as medicine (poison) invented by the pharmaceuts (makers of poison and potions), for a virus (dead cell debris, named after poison by Louis Pasteur). NEEDLESS TO SAY THE CRIMINALS DO NOT HIDE THEY ARE THROWING POISON AND TOXINS ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST FOR FUN, IT'S IN YOUR FACE, THEY DO NOT LIE ABOUT IT, AND A GREAT DEAL OF THE WORLD POPULATION IS TO IGNORENT TO COMPREHEND. I understand some people try to soften life or dive into oblivion, but would you, for one second, let a heroin dealer stick a heroin jab in the arms of you or your children? Wouldn't you try and demolish this crazy dealer? Let me tell you, this is exactly what is happening, from the day vaccines were "invented", or better, fraudulently pushed into the flesh of man. If you do not educate yourself and believe my message to you is a bunch of balony, you probably gonna serve as volunteer in this worldwide "poison the population" program. If they do not inject Saline (water salt solution, for every experiment must have a control group), but the Dr. Frankenstein recipe, it is a matter of time. My guess is they build in a time delay or a switch, that could explain de Graphene Oxide, toxic by itself but probably functioning as a controller. Some people find they can stick metal to their arm after taking the toxine, some can suddenly scan a Q-code, but I think that is to make you believe they gave you a code so they are not going to kill you. Since the days of codes from I.B.M., being coded by the industry does not predict a healthy or wealthy outcome.

In your face they tell you vaccines are killing you

Assuming they count all death and injuries, Iatrogenic (death by medicine or doctor's treatment) death numbers trancend any number of causes of death. 50% of all American children now have been poisoned and suffer from one or more auto-immune dis-eases. This means children are deliberately injected with toxins, while infants can not handle the toxins in their first two years because organs like the galblatter are not yet fully grown. Infants depend on the breast milk of their mother, who now has also been poisoned by flu shots or any other medicine. Babies born under stress and injected with toxins are likely to die or be disabled for the rest of their (short) lives. Mass toxification is genocide. Watch documentary Vaxxed.

My guess is as good as yours you might say, but I have the advantage of fathoming bad actors on the worldstage. I hear their lies for lies do not resonate with truth. I know thruth, I even comprehend all malicious intent and intentions. So far I have seen only two people speaking absolute truth, a dozen people are trying but are lacking knowledge, which makes them speak non-sense sometimes. If you know the cause, you don't need to elaborate on the lies, you don't need to debunk lies, for speaking the truth is a thousand fold stronger than any proof of lies.

Truth get banned from social media

Truth does not come from logic or logical thinking, for thinking has no value and logic is already duality wich means doubt. Knowing is knowing and I share my knowledge with you in the hope it might prevent a premature re-incarnation. If your departure of this planet is already planned there is nothing I can do about it, I know. I am a messenger, I am not going to mess with the divine plans, but I know everything that is happening on this planet right now (as always) does not exceed the divine plan, you might feel the extremities are more extreem, that is because of your awareness of things that have always been hidden in the dark for ages and ages. In a way this is an un-covering period in history of man (btw. take away, "apo", the cover, "calypse", is the true meaning of apocalypse, reveil and revelation, its got nothing to do with "end of the world" scenarios, the book of revelations is a coded manual for the path to enlightment, read the article). Purifying opportunities. Yes those who choose darkness, think or have the idea they are bigger than our Creator, will disappear in their own "black hole" and I don't know if they disintegrate in radiation or gravitation, get imprisoned in their blackness, or return as lightbeings. For man is but a matter of light, the soulless cannot comprehend. Although I feel sadness for man that come up with evil plans to try and fill their emptyness, lack of light, I will warn you about two of them in this article: Anthony Faucy and Bill Gates.


Anthony Fauci another Satanist liar and mass murderer


The Lies must be stopped by truth! Vaccines have never prevented or healed any Dis-Ease! (Lie since Louis Pasteur) Viruses are dead cell debris. Just like trees periodically shed their leaves in autumn, our body periodically sheds cells (detoxification = flu). There is only one Cause of every Dis-Ease, Toxemia You can not CATCH a virus, they can however create dead cell debris in a Petri dish, using all kinds of cell lines, like monkey cells, chicken, or human embryonic kidney cells. They kill the cell by toxification, mix the dead cell debris with more toxins and call it a vaccine! This toxic mix is then injected into your body and your body is now poisoned and start to fight for your life. What you think is an immune system (with memory) are in fact; bacteria, enzymes, and white blood cells. (you cannot f.e. get immune for alcohol, you can however build up more enzymes helping to break apart the toxic alcohol).


Virus is dead cell debris, just like vaccines


Watch this life-saving video


Klaus Schwab the new Adolf HitlerBill Gates The most dangerous Misanthrope of the planet

Remember there are hundreds of fancy names given to but one Dis-Ease: Toxemia! Virus is consequence, NEVER a cause..... keep that in mind when you click the link to the closing video in this article, it all depends where the toxins attack the body first. With complex dis-ease, more organ(cells) and/or tissue(cells), blood- and/or nerve(cells) in the body are under attack by toxins, cells are dying in multiple places in the body, from foot, to brain.

All kinds of names for the same CAUSE: Toxemia

Be wise, be save, don't let anyone fool or kill you!

Not convinced yet? Watch this, it might save you: Germ Debunks Corona


Truth about vaccines and viruses

Truth about vaccines and viruses

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