Politicians & Misanthropes started global genocide knowingly, either stop them or be killed!

Politicians & Misanthropes started global genocide knowingly, either stop them or be killed!

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Nikon the Meganoite

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Monsters like Bill Gates are not philanthropes (they do NOT love or like human beings), they are misanthropes (they hate human beings, they kill them, murder and slaughter human beings in a sophisticated way and earn billions and billions of dollars by doing so). These misantropes under the misnomer of philanthropy have been experimenting with "vaccines" for over 2 centuries, every new round of vaccination (meaning injecting 'cow poison' and all kinds of other poisons) cause unknown numbers of deaths, every poison jab caused a new disease wich they blamed on bacteries or virusses (because we can only imagine they are really out there, just like trolls, goblins, pixies, imps, kobolds, gremlins, brownies, spooks and leprachauns, wich are at least one million times bigger but also only exists in our imagination!).

These misanthropes have paid for over a century for influence in al institutions, like government, religieus institutes, universities, education programs, big farma, food industry, politics, media, defence, militairy, space programs, IT, A.I, NGO's, and this list goes on and on. The only remaining freedom will soon be taken from you, if you do not comply, you'll be forced, cause misanthropes are poisoning food, water, and air, and the only way you can get to "clean" uniform food, or manipulated airsupply and water is by complying! So in fact the slogan is: either comply or die!

Their depopulation program, a nicer term for genocide, is literally carved in stone: The Georgia Guide Stones

Maybe it's time to take some time to wonder about these stones: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

Being ignorant, stupid, indifferent (of your own life o.k., but your indifference will affect dozens of others), masochistic, or just plain suicidal, it will get you killed (murdered without any judge or prosecutor who will make a case, cause most judges and prosecutors are part of the institutions wich have been bought for at least a hundred years).

If you got the mRNA (and poisonous additives) Jab, and survived, you probably got the "placebo" (saline, water and salt), because you are part of an experiment, and thus less than an animal (they skipped using animals after most animals died, after being injected and confronted with a common cold). The reason they gave you a placebo, is logistic in nature, not everybody is supposed to die right after being injected. First: everybody would notice and loose trust and confidence. Secondly: It is a satanic ritual, a kind of game, called Russian roulette, who is going to die, who is going to live! If you don't believe me, I bet you: They will finally try and force the injection every, let's say, three months, chances are the thirth or forth will finally kill you, if not, you will die the next recurring flu season when you are actual carrying the mRNA + shit + poison in your body.

Being stupid will get you killed!



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