I can't see, World War III?

The past 18 months or so, and even 200 years before that, people started to say the weirdest things. What virus (and even my spelling wants to change the word into viruses) and vaccines are concerned, it seems 99% of the people on this planet do not know what they are talking about. I will give some examples of absolute wrong speak, empty disturbing contra factual misleading b.s.!


O.k, prepare yourself cause you are guilty of saying one or more of these fallacious sentences yourself, even I was wrong on one or two things myself, until the world got really mad over a seasonal thing, called shedding of leaves in case of trees, and shedding of cells in organic beings. Preparation for hibernation, after detoxification (shedding leaves or cells).


You will learn, influenza, the ‘influence of the stars' which set in motion all kinds of seasonal, periodical, or phase-dependent changes and transformations, has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical-, medical-, food- and petrochemical industries. They took the creator's creation and turned it into utter evil destruction and devastation. There are no words for the sickening evil intentions and lies to destroy any last part of beauty, health, and love on this planet and probably beyond.


Let’s insert a table and cut it in two, red half and green half. If what people say is in the red half, it is nonsense, in the green half, it is explained why.



Influenza virus type A or B

Virus is always dead cell debris, influenza or flu is nothing but seasonal, periodical influence. Like influence from your boss can make you feel uncomfortable. There is no A or B, not in virus, nor in influence. Same for all other viruses.


He caught the flu

You can not catch a virus, for it is dead cell debris. You can not catch influence either, only be under the influence.


Viruses are contagious or infectious.

When dead cell debris is created in the lab with all kinds of toxins, the product is called vaccine, that product is toxic. Healthy people can be injected with these toxins and get infections. Infections do not travel, neither does dead cell debris (virus) caused by these toxins.


There is a cure for the virus

There is no cure for fallen leaves, there is no cure for dead cell debris. “A or the virus” does not exist, it is simply: virus, meaning debris of dead cells.


Vaccination has prevented many diseases

Vaccination (toxification) is now becoming the #1 cause of all kinds of auto-immune diseases, death, and lifelong suffering. mRNA injections will cause mass depopulation, just a matter of time.


Wash your hands many times to prevent the spreading of the virus

Washing hands has nothing to do with virus or dead cell debris, but bacteria, toxic fluids, or materials, we have billions of bacteria on and in us. In a normal situation, they are our janitors. Only wash when pissed or shit over your hands, or after working with toxic materials.


Wear a mask to prevent the spreading of the virus

Absolute FALSE, you are inhaling your own toxic waste and virus is dead cell debris, it does not exist outside your body as a poisonous GAS does. 1919 Spanish Influenza (is not really flu) most people died after being injected with toxins and wearing masks caused bacterial infections.


Social distancing is safer

Since virus is dead cell debris and can make you feel ill (explanation later), a healthy person is not in any way affected by your dead cell debris unless the cells themselves were so toxic, you could be affected by toxins, but you have to eat or drink it (and here is your bonus: inject it and call it vaccine!).


Swimming in raw sewage made our immune system stronger.

The immune system consists of bacteria, white blood cells, and enzymes. The immune system does not have memory. What doesn’t kill you today, can kill you next year, meaning the hoax with toxins, called vaccines.


They invented anti-virus

That is like inventing anti-dead leaves fallen from a tree.


A second wave is coming

That is called influence of the stars, periodically, season “waves”.


We got the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine to prevent cancer.

“HPV vaccine provides safe, effective, and lasting protection against the HPV infections that most commonly cause cancer”

Absolute ridiculous and deadly. Most women will die 30 years earlier, and probably will never have children, because of the cancer these toxins will cause.


AIDS virus was a real virus!

AIDS virus (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) was caused by vaccination and later carried along by intoxicated blood transfusions, people further got killed by the additional heavy toxic medication.


The virus was made in a lab!

When cell lines are used in a laboratory to create dead cell debris they call it vaccines. All vaccines are made in a lab and patented. Before they use it, inject and kill people with it they need a story about a “killer virus”. With every vaccine, they invent a virus. And that is stupid cause virus is dead cell debris, and dead cells are dead cells.


A killer virus is causing a pandemic

Virus is dead cell debris, doesn’t cause anything, so look at the known toxins that can cause cells to die. GMO food, vaccination, medication, E.M radiation, and air pollution by spraying toxins in the air to block the sun, are 99% more likely to cause dis-ease among the population.


We need to install filters to filter out the virus

Air gets toxic, the breath of people contains waste products, so ventilation is always a good idea, fresh air and sunlight are healthy. Not to prevent virus, but to prevent cells from dying by toxemia (polluted air). Masks do not stop toxic air, they only accumulate your own toxic breath, which will eventually cause toxification of your own body. Prove they try to weaken/kill us b.t.w.!


Lockdown prevented the spread of the virus

Criminal war propaganda! Fear, anxiety, lack of fresh air, or exercise, infringement on freedom, separation, most heartbreaking stupefying measures to “protect” the elderly, but depriving them of their last bit of lust for life, all prove a few misanthropic billionaires are going for the slow kill. And for those who survive there will be nothing left.


HCQ, Ivermectin can cure Covid-19

You can not cure dead cell debris. But they killed a lot of people by putting them on respiratory machines. If you got an infection or pneumonia, take your rest, fresh air, sunlight, vitamins C, D3, healthy food, and pure water. Hugs and love, do not: watch T.V., read newspapers, listen to the radio, but do take time to heal, and watch out with sugar and fructose!


Covid-19 is real, some of my friends died with covid.

Covid is another name for the same seasonally, periodically shedding of cells. They will come up with new names, depending on the patents they have, like the ZIKA virus, patented in 1947, injected in 2014 in Brazilian mothers, causing the ZIKA outbreak in 2016……. Every “name for dead cell debris” is already patented, wait for the killers to inject it and call it a virus…. (as if it was floating around in the air).


The vaccinated are now dying of covid-19

They know this toxic vaccine they created will go for the heart, lungs, liver, etc. So if they inject you with their patented toxins, they probably know what cells in your body will die from it first, causing dead cell debris (and say it was CAUSED by THE virus, we know it is the toxins that kill the cells and create the virus.


Dis-ease is caused by A virus

Dead cell debris can make you feel sick, it depends on the toxins that are released when dead cell debris is removed from the body by bacteria. Sometimes the bacteria have a hard time cleaning up the body and can release toxic waste products. This is rare. Dis-ease, virus, or dead cell debris is NEVER THE CAUSE, always a consequence of toxemia. So the only cause of dis-ease is toxemia. A since vaccines are toxins, a lot of people will be killed under false pretenses unless we the people brighten up a bit. This is not the time to be ignorant, for ignorance will get you killed.


Do you want me to continue?


Or do you want me to shut up?


Are you feeling offended? I did not tell you everything, the slow take over of miracles and wonders of nature. The beauty that has been killed, raped and children's innocence has been robbed for thousands of years. Why do you ask? Why would anybody do this?


Again I ask you, do you really want to know?


I have looked in the eyes of evil a few times and I always wondered why I survived, or why the embodiments of evil made it a game to warn me in front about specific plans they had with people close to me. They warned me and then observed my response or reaction. Probably this is what saved my life a few times, not responding or reacting the way the majority would; screaming, crying, fighting, freezing, or running away. I could hold my reaction, I could hold on to my fearlessness and maybe I became the observer.


I know for sure everything is an illusion, but the illusion is suppressing reality all the time. It seems everything has turned 180 degrees, an inverse, and many have lost any sense of purpose, so fill their lives with illusionary adventures. People lie their lives into something worth living, and they know it's a lie and after a while, it is all they have. A book full of lies, and when it is closed it is never read again. People don’t really want to know, I doubt if the majority of humanity ever did want to know. The moment you start telling them they are misled, fooled, lied to, abused, or even worse, they will defend anything they know because it was falsely taught to them. You would never agree if I told you that most of what you learned is false, not based on truth only on assumptions that have no value outside our planet. That means our assumptions, our science is neglecting 99.99% of reality, for they focus only on one tiny part of the universe and try to create formulas and dogma’s of things that seem to be “solid” and “everlasting”.


Nothing in the universe is solid and everlasting, everything in the universe is always radiating, vibrating, creating, and gravitating. If you can comprehend that even time and movement are illusionary concepts that only keep us imprisoned in a timeframe and do not allow us to create, radiate, or gravitate with our powerful minds, then you start to feel the real meaning of life.


Do you want me to continue? I asked you before, do you want to know why certain lies and misconceptions have grown to be our demise? Why are we kept in the dark? The answer is that I need you to fully realize what humanity as a collective is allowing, condoning. How do we treat mammals that are not humans? How do we treat fellow human beings? Insects, plants and trees, reptiles? We treat everything badly, unless they are part of our “loved ones or pets” (and even then, we hurt what we love, the most). Some treat their stock or cattle relatively well, but that are economically driven incentives. We are still teaching our children “trick or treat”, which means we teach them how to beg or steal. It is less energy-consuming to go and get all the things you want by annoying others, yes threaten them even! If they don’t pay you're gonna scare them the rest of their lives, what a waste of your creative energy!


Well, it seems humanity or humans are cattle themselves, and they are treated exactly the same way by…..

Non-humans, or imposters who look like human beings.


I give you time to rearrange your solid images of fluid principles. Why don’t you just wipe it all clean, a clean sleeve, forget all you learned, or accept it as manipulated images of faked happenings?

Here is the thing out of a thousand only one will be able to break free from the illusions, and I do not have the energy to keep trying to get more people to start living a different way of living, so I know most people end this life as they started it, ignorant and stupefied.


When I tell you virus is dead cell debris, it is never a cause of everything but always a consequence of “toxemia” (collection of all toxification processes that cause cells of living organisms to die, or stop functioning, start dysfunctioning), you will always come with what “they” have taught or told you. You even come with “what science has discovered, or found”. I will, again, point out the above, the arrogance of those that know only 0,0000000001%, against the ignorance of the rest. We do not know 99,9999999999% of what is going on in the universe and what few and everlasting universal laws replace trillions of man-made laws.


You will not give in, you will stay stubborn, ridicule me or others who seem to agree with me, you will attack me, and not the thieves, robbers, liars, and murderers. You will spit at me, a form of showing disrespect, but you will not disrespect those who spitted at and disrespected you since you were born. My dear friends, you are like beautiful birds who are kept in cages but feel comfortable (numb).


So how can I change your perspective, how can I take the misconceptions out and replace them with simple truth? I really don’t know. I have been trying for over fifty years now and the only thing that happens is, I end up alone, and my friends end up sick, miserable, unhappy, or prematurely dead. And it makes me feel sad and wondering why I choose to come to earth in the first place. I always felt truth is liberation, but I found truth has become the most broken, shattered universal knowledge ever. It seems even little pieces of truth are not allowed in this demonized world. Our custodians are guarding every piece of truth and handing out meticulously and minutiously inverses to us. Nobody gets more than a few pieces of inverted truth, now called inherent lies.


Do you comprehend, truth is liberating? So why aren’t you free yet, if you say you know the truth? Why is it, most of us do not want to be free or even feel free?

What causes this resistance when confronted with simple truth, now shattering your statue of glued together pieces of the lies, that have been handed to you one by one by your custodians all through your life?


There is only one conclusion here to be drawn. Once a program is programmed, and functioning within a function, the method is accepted and will last a lifetime. No method shall ever be adjusted, so no patch programming, once it is functioning you will keep functioning until you are no longer needed, obsolete, or dysfunctional, in those cases, you will be replaced by new techniques, new ways of programming, or self-programming.


Yes, my dear friends, we are programmed. Only a few are able to deform and become intelligence that beat any artificiality. Most will go in formation and will function in line with subliminal and mind control programming. Who is doing the programming, who is in control of humanity? I don’t know, I have ideas, but I lack simple means to start investigating, I have no clearance, no level to disclose any secret level. What I know is received messages or images and concepts, I don’t know who or what is transmitting, again I have an idea, but I lack other means to investigate this part.


All I have is intuition, a sleeve that is kept unwritten, the so-called ‘tabula rasa’, and I have developed a good connection between heart, guts, and brain. I feel things coming, I feel the level of fear, and I can translate these feelings and emotions in words.


What is coming only few can comprehend, like nobody can comprehend a meteor coming out of the blue and striking Gaia with violence. The meteor I felt in 2016 was probably a metaphor of a meteor, for only one city was destroyed. In 2020 I drove through this city and it felt like a ghost town, no cars, no people, no sound as if everybody was dead or hiding, as if a meteor had striked. All due to “dead cell debris” that had been promoted to be an invisible army of leprechauns that were out to kill all of us. The leprechauns are as real as an imaginary virus going airborne. I saw evil forces had managed to get the whole planet to believe all the fairy tales that have ever been told. I saw evil ordering and mandating anti-natural, and anti-health measures, deadly measures even, just to work out a plan that has been prepared for centuries.


Yes, the plan is; voluntarily kill yourself, and they even stated on television that the British government ordered millions of doses of Xylometazoline, which you can find in nose spray, but is mostly used in higher doses to give you a “good death”, cause the British government doesn’t want people to suffer too long after they have been injected by toxins (they call vaccines). Good death comes from the Greek word “Euthanasia”. Now you know their plans, and they never hid it from you! So they want you to take the toxins via injection, maybe two or three, it doesn’t matter you can even get it without making an appointment, so they are advertising in the Netherlands. You silently toxic yourself, you volunteered, because you believe there is a thing called vaccines (made from dead cell debris in a lab) that can cure things as dead cell debris (virus in your body). Vaccines and virus are the same, I explained, but you won’t and wouldn’t listen. Now the toxins in the contemporary mRNA+ injections (not even close to vaccination, the old way of toxification) are gonna program your cells to create and keep creating a foreign protein, which is seen by the body as a toxin. Your body starts to fight, but the messenger RNA does not stop, ever, there is no “off” switch, like jumping from a plane without a parachute and hoping you will survive! More and more cells start to create foreign proteins and finally, your cells will start to deteriorate, collapse and spit their content, now that dead cell debris is called virus! Before you die they rush you to a hospital or whatever places of death, like camps, that can be smoothly removed after the genocide is over, so survivors do not have a bad memory of existing buildings. Once they want to move you (or more fun, invite you) to a camp under the false assumption of deadly leprechauns, unicorns, or dead cell debris (virus) you know your time has come!


What can you do?


First, spread this article, try to wake up as many people as you can. Do not comply with anything the government is ordering, their statutory acts, and rulings, do not concern you, for you as a human being are living under universal law only. Fight for universal rights, never ever let yourself be voluntarily tricked into signing or complying with “contracts” with government, your governments are dead, all of them, there is no government on this planet with authority, unless you let it be taken from you.


Start understanding the universal law, you may call it God, Allah, Light, The Source, The All, The Oneness, everything you like, and start tuning in to transmissions from this source. It is easy if you think of it as the sun, imagine the warmth and the light of the sun, and feel nothing on this planet can exist without the sun. Know that the sun will be invisible sometimes, but it is always there, and it will always return, for you, your family, everybody.


I would suggest defending the life of your family and friends with any necessary force if needed, if you don’t they will be murdered by stupidity and ignorance of fellow human beings. So far this is new, as long as people volunteer to be injected with toxins, you are not aware of the violence and malicious behavior behind the extermination of the people of the planet. You will know when it is too late after your first family member has been smoothly wiped off the face of the earth. Even when more and more people start to fall suddenly, get convulsions, heart failure, blood clots, liver, lung failure, infarcts, brain hemorrhage, kidney, or nervous system break down, or sudden death, you still can not comprehend, you will not believe you are in the middle of world war III. There are no soldiers fighting this war, there is deception only. These evil forces, the misanthrope billionaires, psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats have joined to destroy this planet as we know it. But still, you need proof, you need convincing evidence.


Evidence will come, but since you did not act at any given moment, you probably end up as evidence of the evilest era this planet has ever been through. We shall meet again, don’t worry, for everything is always, and has always been planned eons ahead, even evil plans are insignificant compared to universal lawfulness.


I surely hope I have really awakened you and shaken you a bit.


Nikon de Meganoite

September 26th, 2021

I can't see, World War III?

I can't see, World War III?

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Nikon the Meganoite

4 months
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