GOD only visited earth by Proxy

GOD never visited earth!

GOD only works by proxy.

In this universe, or omniverse and multiverse, one verse of galaxies, billions of stars within, there is one star we call SUN.

SUN is H fuse to HE (Hydrogen, Helium, water, Helios, sun). Since hydrogen is our first element in chemistry, we think we know.

We know nothing, since everything is "frequency" or magnetism and di-electricity.

We cannot quantize elements, there are no particles in the universe (or omniverse for that matter).

It all starts with H (Hydro GEN, generate, genesis), lets say a "proton", smallest black hole, with an electrical field, we call "electron".

The whole universe is build by these protons, protons hold the universe in them, the universe is a proton.

The earth is an interesting "place", or hologram, for there "3D" frequencies, wich make up a virtual world, can be manipulated up and down, to 1D to 5D, making the virtual world even more virtual if you want to experiment. Humanity, in all facets, is an experiment. Most humans stick to 3D, for that is all they know. Knowledge have been kept from humanity for more than 200.000 years... at least!

Earth is a laboratorium. Not God's laboratorium, for God does not work (labor = work). Nobody knows God, the source of all sources, we do however seem to know the "proxies" sent by God. The "proxies" were not sent by God, but by a proxy "God". Humanity called them the God's for they created us.

There is a switch in every human reminding the manipulation versus creation, manipulating versus creating force. As soon as humans are manipulated they turn "on" their creative force.

It is said, that 12 spheres of energy should connect to our 12 (7 fysical, 5 spiritual) chakra's. 7 fysical being the "light" we are.

The 5 going outside.... into the uni- or omniverse.... is what we are looking for.

If you manage to know you are light (7 chakra's), and you know your frequency (400 - 800 nanometer), you might be able to lift yourself an "octave" and play a "higher" tune.

The source is all, the source is all frequencies, all possibilities. We operate with our 5 sences from our "bio-suit", and completely forgot about our "higher" sences (bio-energy). That was part of the experiment humanity was put into. Can we break free?

Accept the 3 words I give: Capacitor, Resistor, and Coil. This forms a filter.

If everything is frequency, who decides what to filter???

Good and Bad, free choice....... within limited perception of the real GOD, nobody knows, not even our 33 spectators from other dimensions.

1986, it started, 2020 awakening of humanity gets a boost!

The GOD of god's in human perception will always enslave the human. To proove my point (this is not even close to GOD):


How would the GOD of Gods percieve LOVE or Energy?


GOD only visited earth by Proxy

GOD only visited earth by Proxy

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