3d5d.space is a free video platform. You can create your own video channels and playlists. You can write and publish rich text articles. Set up a meeting or broadcast a live stream. On 3d5d.space only universal law applies, there is no censorship, we expect anyone to be respectful. 

In 2009 the founder of 3d5d.space was experimenting with live audio and video, combined with "social" applications, like voting scrips, chat scripts, exchange of playlists etc. In 2015 the webmaster foresaw the dangers of Big Tech and social media platforms. They have the power to exclude everything from their platform if it is not obeying "the self proclaimed masters". Truth is no longer sacred, truthtellers and truth-seekers are ridiculed and purged into oblivion, if not thrown in jail!

This platform needs to grow naturally, we don't need millions of visitors, we only seek for those who still seek for the truth and want to contribute in finding or upholding it.

Welcome to those who still can see and hear and act upon it.

Note: This platform is leaving behind the dominant social media tycoons, this means you can share on any platform you like, but you can only "link" and login with your google account (for how long we don't know) or create a clean account on 3d5d.space. We choose not to enable login with facebook, twitter, yahoo, or linkedIn. In the near future we will add a LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) server, so you can use your 3d5d.space account to sign in on other platforms. We hope more and more people will leave the tycoons behind and start working on smaller dedicated platforms like 3d5d.space. These smaller platforms will very soon form a peer to peer network, having thousands of independent "webmasters" running a piece of the world wide network.

3d5d.space is also inviting people to become member +  "admin" and help this platform grow and improve. And off course any donations are welcome, you can choose crypto or paypall from the main site.